Abram to Abraham

Genesis 17

While chapter 17 discusses circumcision as a sign of the covenant between God and Abram, we did not mention circumcision at all in our lesson.  Instead we focused on God's changing Abram's name to Abraham and Sarai's name to Sarah.  It is also worth mentioning that the Bible says Abraham laughed at God's promise that Sarah would bear him a son.  We often discuss Sarah's laughing at God's promise that she will have a son in chapter 18 and talk of her lack of faith, but Abraham laughed before Sarah and perhaps his lack of faith contributed to her lack of faith.  Whatever the case, it makes complete sense that Isaac's name is interpreted to mean 'laughter.'

Our binder project features Abraham's and Sarah's faces but without any facial features, indicating that their faces can change just as their names were changed.  Abraham's face can be downloaded here, Sarah's face can be downloaded here, and the facial features can be downloaded here.  I recommend printing them all out on cardstock, and each child will need a blank piece of cardstock as well.  The children color all of the pictures, then insert Abraham's and Sarah's faces into a sheet protector so that Abraham shows on one side and Sarah on the other.  The facial features are laminated using clear shelf paper and then cut out, and the extra piece of cardstock is also laminated and holes are punched so the sheet can go in the binder.  The children can then use double-sided tape to place the desired facial features on the outside of the sheet protector on either Abraham or Sarah.  The extra facial features are stored on the laminated cardstock using double-sided tape.  This allows for the facial features to be moved around and exchanged.  The original websites for the pictures are at the end of the blog.

For our take-home craft we made a variety of stars courtesy of www.highhopes.com using their snowflake directions.  You can find the instructions here, although after the initial folding instructions we allowed our children to cut freely being sure to instruct them on keeping some folds intact so the star would not fall apart.

Facial Features