Abram Lies to Pharoah

Genesis 12:10-20

This lesson shows that we can still make poor decisions, even after having a close encounter with God.  For our binder project, the children colored a picture of Abraham crossing the desert.  We bought a sheet of coarse sandpaper for each child to lay beneath their paper to give the coloring a look of sandy texture.  An alternative for the very brave is to let the children glue brown sugar onto the drawing after the coloring is completed.  A quick spray of hairspray over the finished product will help the sugar to stick together and to the page, or the coloring page can be inserted into a sheet protector to keep the mess in one place.  Download the coloring page here.  The original website for the picture is here.

Our craft is courtesy of Danielle's Place--an amulet similar to those worn by the Egyptians.  Simply print out the template found here (you will need to scroll down the page until you reach the falcon amulet and choose that link for the template.  The picture from the website is below.)  We used card stock, markers and yarn.