Noah's Curse

Genesis 9:20-28

Our binder project for this story compares the mind's ability to think when sober and when drunk.  Download this printable page here

This is the link for the easy maze and this is the link for the more difficult maze

Instead of a take-home craft, we chose to include an activity.  We borrowed a pair of thick glasses from an obliging relative.  We printed out two copies of the following grape cluster, posting one copy on the wall at a kid-friendly level and cutting the grapes with the faces out of the other copy.  We put double-stick tape on the individual grapes and gave one to each child.  The game followed the rules of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' only we used the glasses instead of a blindfold and the kids were challenged to place their grape over the identical grape on the poster.  Download the grape cluster here (note that the picture is a little fuzzy already...this is to illustrate that sometimes life's choices are not entirely clear, but adding alcohol symbolized by the glasses only makes the solution even harder to see.)  This is the link for the original picture.