Noah's Ark part 2

Genesis 8-9:17

The binder activity for this lesson could not have been easier, thanks to DLTK!  Templates are here as well as the answer key.

Our take-home craft was a little more complicated, but it went very well & was one of the kids' favorites!  I believe most people call it an ocean in a bottle. 

You may want a funnel available to avoid some of the messiness! The kids filled an empty drinking bottle halfway with water and added a few drops of food coloring, mixing it until they got the color they wanted.  Some of them added some glitter and we brought a package of cheap fishing lures (without the hooks, obviously...less than $4 for a package) so the fish could swim during the 'storm.' Then they added regular cooking oil until the bottle was nearly full.  The adults added a bit of superglue to the threads of the bottle before tightly screwing the cap closed to decrease the chance of a 'storm surge.'  Fabulous fun!

If you need the instructions in a video format, click here courtesy of videojug.