Before 'The Beginning'


This blog is dedicated to the creation of a Bible Event Journal for kids! 

Our church's kids class has embarked on a journey through the Scriptures, creating one craft or activity for each Bible story that can be collected into a binder.  Once completed, this binder will serve as a type of road map through the stories of the Bible.  When possible, we have also included a take-home craft for each Bible story for the kids to enjoy immediately.

To begin, you only need a cheap vinyl binder for each child.  We chose the binders at the Dollar Tree since they were obviously only $1 each.  The kids were then encouraged to decorate their binder any way they chose with permanent markers and/or stickers so we could pick their binder out of the crowd easily.  We then discussed the idea behind this binder, and reinforced the idea that the binders would be staying at church each week--they could not take them home until we had completed the book of Genesis.  But each week there would be a craft they could take home, but the binder was not to be taken home until it was completed.  Once this was understood and they were assured that the binder would eventually be theirs to do with as they pleased, they readily agreed and happily made their binder look unique.

Next we introduced our theme song for the book of Genesis, courtesy of youtube.  We chose Genesis by The Fabulous Bentley Brothers, a singing duo featured on the What's in the Bible series by Big Idea.  The video can be found

The kids enjoyed this video so much that we downloaded all of their songs available via youtube to use for our opening song service for the class.  (Note: We downloaded this video using RealPlayer and burned it to a DVD using Nero Smart Start.) 

We also chose the song Bible Book Bop by Go Fish to use during song service so the kids could gain a familiarity with the layout of the Bible overall.  This video was apparently made for use during a Vacation Bible School series, but my kids absolutely love it!  It can be found at  Even I have finally learned the books of the Bible in order! (I no longer get lost in the minor prophets.)

One more song we've added to our song service repertoire is I Just Wanna Be a Sheep by Butterfly Song Music.  But be warned--our kids ask for this song EVERY week!  It is found at

These songs concluded our introduction to the Genesis Journal.  We used other Bible songs also downloaded from youtube until class time ended, and encouraged the children to return next week for our first story from the Bible and to sing the 'sheep song' again!