Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

Genesis 3

After the last lesson's busy schedule, this lesson was a breeze.  Special thanks to dltk's website for this idea. Original website for craft

We bought 3 colors of acrylic (craft) paint at Walmart for 97cents each (Folk Art brand)---brown, green, & red (we already had purple at home so we brought it & whatever else we had for more variety.)  Then we poured a little bit of paint onto a disposable plate for each kid & let the kids fingerpaint the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil on a piece of cardstock with holes punched in the left side.  The only stipulation for the kids was that they write the title on it somewhere, and otherwise they had creative license. 

This child chose to add a few birds and even a squirrel's nest.  We also bought a no-name brand of baby wipes for the kids' hands and for the table, so cleaning the mess was no problem.

That craft was for the binder, and so could NOT go home with them.  As a take-home craft we used this idea for a paper snake, also from dltk's website.  Original website for craft

We did not limit the kids to these colors, and we even had a few kids add wings to their snakes!  One package of construction paper, some scissors, and a roll of tape had us good to go.