Story of Creation

Genesis 1 & 2

We created a video of the song In the Very Beginning by the Heritage Singers to introduce the lesson of the Creation week.  The youtube link is here

This Bingo game is our in-binder activity, and we have played it many times since this lesson.  We printed out one template on CARDSTOCK for each of the kids and punched holes in the left hand side so it would fit nicely in their binder.

You can download this template at Creation Bingo Template

We printed the pieces on PRINTER PAPER (not cardstock) and let the kids cut out their pieces ONE COLUMN at a time.  Then they could arrange and glue their pieces into the correct column in any order they wished.  (Every picture of light goes under column one because light was created on the first day, and so on.)  This way every kid's bingo template would naturally be different from the others.  Notice that there are only 7 spaces in each column but there are 8 pieces kids can use.  This allows for Black Out to be played.  Also notice that a church and praying hands are options which can be used for your day of worship.

You can download the pieces in color at Creation Bingo Pieces or in black and white at Creation Bingo Pieces Black & White  I have listed the websites for each of these pictures at the end of this blog.  Do not forget to print out your own copy of the pieces as the draw pile.  We simply cut colored card stock (or construction paper) into 1" squares as covers for the game boards and taped a Ziploc bag to the inside cover of the binder for storing the covers. 

Even adults have trouble remembering the Creation Week in order, so we came up with a simple drawing craft to help kids visualize the concept.

Day 1:  the number one is used in place of the i in light
Day 2:  God splits the water into 2 parts.  (Remember that water already existed)
Day 3:  God made the land & plants so we put a 3 under the hill to indicate earth & then put 1 tree & 2 flowers to further indicate day 3 (3 plants, day 3)
Day 4:  God made the Sun, Moon, & we made a 4 to create four sections & drew the sun, the moon, and 2 stars so there were 4 heavenly bodies--one in each section.
Day 5:  God made ocean creatures & birds.  They all start with F...Five, Fish, Flyers.
Day 6:  God made everything that has a nose, so we used the number six as a nose of whatever animal the kids wanted to draw (here is pictured a person & a pig.)  God also created insects on day 6, so you can't see it well here but there is an insect crawling in the person's hair *smile*
Day 7:  God made Sabbath rest so we drew a church with people inside and used a 7 as the steeple.

To finish the lesson, we printed out Creation Numbers and laid them out on the table so all the kids could reach them.  Then we drew a single card from our Bingo draw pile & the kids slapped their hands on the correct Creation day.  Whoever's hand was at the bottom of the pile got the draw card  and whoever had the most draw cards at the end was declared the winner.  Obviously this game requires serious chaperoning so the kids don't get too excited and involved.  Click here for the website where these pictures can be downloaded (this is the website for the number 1, then scroll down the page for the other numbers.)


Websites for the pictures used in the Bingo game are listed below:



Tree With Roots