A List of Favorites for Song Service

Below is a list of our kids' favorite Song Service selections!  Many more are available via youtube, but these seem to the returning favorites.

I Just Wanna Be a Sheep  http://youtu.be/aYKxzTHPJpE

Bible Book Bop  http://youtu.be/63UlqUyg8FI

Ten Commandment Boogie http://youtu.be/AoXyk5AFAvs

Genesis http://youtu.be/EtWaEJ0dBXI

Leviticus http://youtu.be/lGL0bYzxLMY

Deuteronomy http://youtu.be/IIXkN2ogKTY

2 Samuel http://youtu.be/K6Zjk46AzpU

2 Kings http://youtu.be/o2ausqaWG0w

2 Chronicles http://youtu.be/-FJPUAZKde8

Judges http://youtu.be/TzEAmeM7Qj0

Nehemiah http://youtu.be/z0MDpVx3wXM

I've Got the Joy Down In My Heart http://youtu.be/L6yzjDXp_og

We downloaded these videos using Real Player (the free version) and burned the DVD using Nero Smart Start (also the free version.)