Noah's Ark part 1

Genesis 6:9-7:24

This craft required very little preparation.  We punched holds in the left side of a piece of cardstock for each child, then printed out the following picture of Noah's Ark on regular printer paper and cut around the outside edge, being sure to include the white edging.  We put each kids' pieces in a ziploc bag, leaving one puzzle uncut for an example.  Then they laid out the pieces until they solved the puzzle, then glued them onto their cardstock for their binder.  (Note: the picture will be glued so the left edge parallels the bottom of the card stock.)
Download in color here
Download in black& white here
(Original website here)

Remember, the fun is in the process & not just the final product.

For our take-home craft, we made the typical boats (or paper hats) that most of us grew up making.  That being said, it wasn't such an easy task.  I suggest you make a couple of them ahead of time, not only to remind yourself of the steps but also to give to kids whose boats may not turn out so well.  The directions are here courtesy of the University of Texas.  Decorate as time allows.