Abram Saves Lot

Genesis 13 & 14

This lesson takes us through Lot's choosing of the 'best' land, his capture by invading kings, his rescue by his uncle Abram, and Abram's tithing to the king of Salem.  This binder project requires a little bit of doing, but the children had very few issues.  The first page can be downloaded here and the second page can be downloaded here.

The pictures of the slaves and the party are to be cut out together and folded in half so that the slaves show on one side and the party shows on the other.  Those pictures are then taped in between the two army pictures on the second sheet so that when flipped to the right the army men from Aladdin and the slaves are both visible.  When the sheet is flipped to the left, the party and the potato men army should be visible.  This tells the story in miniature.  The army men from Aladdin represent the kings that invaded Sodom.  The slaves represent Lot and his family being taken by the kings.  The party represents the celebration of the kings, which was interrupted by Abram and his men represented by the potato men.

The bottom portion of our binder project focuses on the tithe that Abram paid to the king of Salem, and that we should pay to God.  The coins from the first sheet can be laminated with clear shelf paper, then cut apart.  A slice should be made on the second sheet in three places--across the neck of "our money" bag, across the neck of "God's money" bag, and just above the head of the proud paycheck holder.  A pocket is made on the back of the second sheet in those three places to hold the coins that are dropped through the slices.  This can be done by cutting a square out of a ziploc bag and taping all 4 sides against the back of the paper.  Children can drop and retrieve their coins through the splits.  All coins can be stored in the paycheck slit, and children can divide the coins between their money and God's money.  The websites for the pictures can be found at the end of this blog.

Our activity for this lesson was the classic game of freeze tag since those who are 'frozen' must be freed by other players--very similar to Abram risking his own safety to free Lot.  It begins with one person being 'it' who then tries to tag everyone else.  When someone is tagged, they are frozen in place and cannot move unless tagged by another player.  Play ends when everyone has been frozen or the person who is 'it' has spent a reasonable amount of time chasing everyone else.  Then someone new is chosen as 'it' (usually the first person who was frozen.)  Note that those who are frozen cannot unfreeze each other, even if they are within each other's reach.