Jacob and Esau

Genesis 25:19-34

We chose to divide this lesson into two separate binder projects, although we studied the entire lesson at the same time.  The first binder project emphasizes that, although they were twins, Jacob and Esau had very little in common.  This project is courtesy of http://homeschooling.about.com with the original website found here and the downloadable version found here.

The second binder project emphasizes Esau's disregard for his birthright, which also came with spiritual responsibilities for which he had little interest.  This project is courtesy of http://www.sermons4kids.com with the original website found here.  You can also download the worksheet here, although it is important to note that we did not include the word bank at the bottom of the original.

Our activity was inspired by the game Feed the Kitty by Gamewright (see the picture below courtesy of Amazon.com.)  First we had the children cut out the die template as seen in the picture below and downloadable here, then we helped them tape it into a cube (tape works much better and easier than glue.)  We distributed 40 uncooked pasta shells to each child to represent Jacob's stew, leaving 40 in the middle of the table as a discard pile.  Everyone plays at the same time, rolling their single die and performing the activity shown on the face of the die.  The 'NO' sign (line through the circle) means you do nothing--like a 'resting space.'  The hand means you give a pasta shell to any other player--simply dump it in their pile of pasta.  The empty bowl means you ate your stew so give a shell to the discard pile.  The soup in the bowl means you were given a refill so take a shell from the discard pile.  Play continues until one person is completely out of pasta shells, but that person must call out before another player hands them a pasta shell or play continues.  The original websites for the clipart used in the die is found at the end of this blog.