Abraham Bargains for Sodom

Genesis 18

This lesson encompasses Sarah laughing at God's message that she would birth a son in about a year and Abraham's bargaining with God for Sodom.  The binder project is search-a-word that can be downloaded here or you can make your own search-a-word puzzle at http://www.armoredpenguin.com/wordsearch/ and include the names of the children in your group.

Our take-home project is a football field with the yard markings matching the number of righteous necessary in Sodom for the city to be saved.  You can download the football field here.  If you would like field goal 'poles', simply fold a piece of paper in half, then cut it to be just a little taller than the height you want for your 'poles'.  Fold the bottoms of the paper out like feet.  One foot can be taped to the football field and the other foot will support the paper from the back.  Then simply cut out a square for the actual goal space.  To make a paper football, cut a strip of paper about 1-1 1/2 inches wide.  Fold the top corner down into a triangle so the top of the paper lies flat against the side of the paper, then fold that triangle straight down leaving a flat top again.  Then fold the top corner down into a triangle the other direction, then fold that triangle straight down leaving another flat top.  Continue this process until all the paper is gone, then fold the extra paper inside the football and tape the football to sturdy it.  The picture below is courtesy of www.tbs.com with the original website here.  For youtube instructions click here courtesy of "foldsomething".