Hagar & Ishmael

Genesis 16 and 20:20

The take-home project for this lesson consists of 2 sets of dominoes.  One set features the banners of the 12 tribes of Israel and can be downloaded here.  The other set features cute animals but represents the 12 princes descended from Ishmael as promised by God in Genesis 20:20 and can be downloaded here.  I chose animals because Genesis 16:12 describes Ishmael as a 'wild donkey of a man.'  The main concept behind this project is that God gave Abraham a great nation through Ishmael consisting of the same number of princes (or tribes) as through Isaac/Jacob--12 from each of Abraham's sons.  Some of the children had trouble with the concept of cutting only along the dark lines and leaving the two pictures connected, so a bit of guidance may be necessary for children not familiar with the concept of dominoes.  Also, we found it helpful for the kids to color all of the same pictures the same color.  For instance, all of the elephants were colored gray, all of the dogs were colored brown, and all of the tigers were colored orange.  This helped them actually play the game of dominoes much easier.  It is recommended to print the dominoes on cardstock for easier handling.  The websites for the pictures are at the bottom of the blog.

Banners for the 12 Tribes of Israel
Tiger (Hobbes)
Fishing Frog