Isaac Deceives Abimelech

Genesis 26:1-33

This lesson is difficult to place chronologically.  According to its position in the Bible, Jacob & Esau have already been born...but I believe it is more likely to have occurred before their birth.  You are, of course, free to place this lesson wherever you believe it best fits.  We followed the exact same binder lesson concept as when Abraham lied to Abimelech, since this same king was deceived by both father and son.  The color version is downloable here and the black/white here, while the original website for the rodeo picture is found here and the ferry picture is found here.  Thanks again to Highlights magazine for their kid-friendly web pages!
Again, our activity simply went a step further than our binder project.  The first sheet is downloadable here and the second  here.  Hints to these clues can be found on the original Highlights websites listed above.