The Covenant

Genesis 15

This lesson focuses on the dream God gave Abram, reminding him that God would give him many descendants and a great land for them to possess.  God also tells of the Israelites' 400 years of slavery in verse 13 as the Amorites are given more time to respond to God's love (which they will fail to do, and God will give their land to Israel.)

This binder project illustrates the smoking fire pot with the blazing torch that passed through the animals.  Using the first page, cut a long strip the entire length of the page that includes the fire pot with the blazing torch.  Then cut another long slip out of the same piece of paper approximately the same width as the first.  Tape one end of these slips together to make a very long slip of paper.  Next make two horizontal slices in the second sheet, in between the animals just above the cows and below the birds.  Feed the very long slip of paper through the top slice and back out through the bottom slice so that the firepot can be seen.  Tape the last ends of the slip together to make a complete circle.  The firepot can now be moved between the animals.  Download the first page here (you may want to trace the pot to make it more visible) and the second page here.  The original websites for the pictures can be found at the end of the blog.

Our take-home craft was a stand-alone star courtesy of Enchanted Learning, as God promised Abram's descendants would be as numerous as the stars.  You can find the instructions here.  Don't forget that the star templates can be decorated before slipping one star into the other.

Abram Dreaming