Genesis 22:1-19

Our binder project for this lesson is courtesy of 'sewhttkr' and the original website can be found here or the sheet can be downloaded here.

The activity consists of two sheets, one downloadable here and the other downloadable here  Cut the entire strip from the second sheet, NOT separating the pictures.  Then place a slice in the top and bottom of the television screen so that the strip can easily pass through.  The slip passes from beneath the first sheet, up through the bottom slice, down through the top slice, and back underneath the page.  This allows for the story to be told while the pictures appear on the television screen as the slip is being pulled upward.  It may be helpful to cut another strip out of the same piece of paper and tape part of it on the top and bottom of the slip for more maneuverability.  The websites for the pictures are at the bottom of the blog.

The Sacrifice Big Picture
Sarah, Abraham & Isaac
Abraham Gazes at Stars
The Trip
The Sacrifice
Abraham & the Ram
Abraham & Isaac Hugging