Sarah Dies--Isaac Marries

Genesis 23:1-2 and 24:1-66

This lesson is a bit long, so it's important to keep the story moving and re-emphasize key points during the activity instead of bogging down the storyline with a myriad of details all at once.  The binder project is courtesy of witth the original website found here.  The downloadable version for the binder is found here.

Our activity was a simple bracelet (or as many bracelets as the children could manage in the time alotted) since Rebekah was given bracelets among other items as gifts from Abraham's servant.  We chose to use Bead n Stretch instead of string or leather because it gave a little forgiveness if the children accidentally made their bracelets a little too small.  We simply cut a very long piece of the Bead n Stretch, then put a single folded piece of tape on one end to keep the beads from falling off.  Once the children had threaded their beads and we had double-checked the length, we tied the ends of the Bead n Stretch together twice and then dabbed a touch of superglue on the knot to hold it.  A minute later the glue was dry and the children were happily sporting their story illustrations.  Be sure to allow plenty of extra Bead n Stretch when you cut the length for the children so you can easily tie the knot without losing the beads.  The pictures below are courtesy of