Jacob's Children

Genesis 29 and 30:1-24

This binder project requires a bit of reading on the part of the leader from the blessings of Jacob on his children found in Genesis 49, since the majority of those blessing correspond to the banners for the 12 tribes of Israel.  The children simply match the son of Jacob with the tribe's banner(s) on the printout found here.  Note that the banners next to each other go together, so some of the tribes have only one banner while some have two and some even have three.  The answer key can be found here, and I also have uploaded it to this blog for ease with credit going to nyut545e2 at www.docstoc.com (more information about the tribes can be found at the original website found here.)

Answer Key

Our activity requires good weather outside and bit of preparation.  Each set of printouts found here and here gives 24 sets of playing pieces, so consider your needs and plan accordingly.  After printing out your playing pieces, cut the faces apart into approximately equal squares.  Then staple the face of Jacob over each of the girls' faces so that Jacob hides either Leah (with the glasses since her eyes were weak) or Rachel (no glasses.)  These playing pieces (a complete set of Jacob with either Leah or Rachel) are hidden outside ahead of time.  The children are given a small lunch bag for gathering their playing pieces, much like an Easter egg hunt.  Once the playing pieces are all found, the children go inside and score their pieces.  Since Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah, Rachel playing pieces are worth 2 points while Leah playing pieces are only worth 1 point.  The original website for the pictures are at the end of this blog.