Jacob Wrestles God

Genesis 32:22-32

This lesson's binder project was fairly simple, leaving a bit of extra time for the craft.  The sheet is downloable here with the original website for the picture found here.

Our craft is a game of thumb wrestling, since Jacob wrestled with God.  Print one sheet found here for each child on card stock.  The children can color them them, then cut them out being sure to leave enough paper on the animals so they fit nicely on the child's thumb when taped.  The animals at the top of the page are to be cut out as a square, but with the edges that extend out to be cut long enough for overlapping and taping.  The animals at the bottom of the page are to be cut out and folded in half so the complete animal is on each side of the thumb.  Simply wrap tape completely around the sides of the animals as many times as necessary.  The original website for the first set of animals is found here courtesy of www.franktesting.co.uk while the original website for the second set of animals is found here courtesy of http://cf.ltkcdn.net.