Isaac In--Ishmael Out

Genesis 21:1-21

Our binder project for this lesson comes from the Emotion Wheel, which I found at the website link here.  You will want to print out the original picture for an answer key, or solve an extra copy of the puzzle using that picture beforehand.  I have uploaded the picture for your convenience, with the binder sheet shown below and downloadable from here.

Our activity was a little messy, but easily swept up afterward.  We used colored sugar to make a 'sand bottle' with a special jewel hidden inside.  Needed items are white sugar, food coloring, empty water bottles, bowls, spoons, a funnel, and a small jewel (we bought ours from Walmart in an 8-pack for $2.)  The children simply put some white sugar into a bowl, added a few drops of food coloring, and mixed.  Then they poured the sugar into the water bottle with the funnel.  When they wanted a new color, they used a new bowl and spoon.  The jewel was added at any point the child wished.  The concept is that our emotions can either make our lives beautiful or ugly...the choice is ours.  Sometimes our lives may get a little mixed up, but troubles often leave us with a special treasure of experience that could not have been found otherwise.  Photo courtesy of